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Standard Stainless Steel Elbow National Standard Various Non-standard Products

fittingflange | 19 December, 2018 09:20

When the arc-starting section of high-pressure stainless steel elbow is a butt weld of stainless steel pipe fittings , these changing external loads will cause the weld to be in a complex stress state, seriously weaken the strength of the weld, reduce the working capacity of the stainless steel pipe fittings of high-pressure elbow, and shorten the service life of the high-pressure elbow. It is conducive to weld joint docking, high-pressure elbow manufacturer to improve the quality of weld joint, improve the service life of high-pressure elbow. The material of high-pressure stainless steel elbow is special. Cut-off valves remove the oxide scales on the inner and outer surfaces of the pre-welded tiles, and store them neatly in the ventilated and dry places in the room. Wear-resistant materials account for about half of the total. Avoid storing foods that are too acidic or too alkaline. Standard stainless steel elbows with large and small heads are the national standard, American standard, British standard and various non-standard products. It is often used in the case that the temperature and pressure of medium are not high and the corrosiveness of medium is strong. The material for making seamless stainless steel butt welded elbow is stainless steel elbow round billet with good mechanical properties; eliminating or greatly saving metal consumption of stainless steel elbow and riser in pouring system is so novel due to terrain limitation, as long as it is properly placed, the time is about 10 minutes, it is easy to produce hot cracks.


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