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Processing Method of Welded Steel Pipe Interface for Pipe Fittings

fittingflange | 18 December, 2018 14:24

Welded steel pipes for low-pressure fluid transportation and the treatment method of malleable iron pipe fittings welded pipe interface are made of carbon and low carbon steel. It is the most commonly used pipe material for small-diameter pipeline engineering. It is suitable for water, natural gas, steam, etc. According to its surface quality, it can be divided into carbon steel galvanized pipes (commonly known as galvanized iron pipes) and galvanized pipes (commonly known as black pipes). The dielectric ceramic fragments along the flow direction are also designed to cut into the same shape as the elbow, so that each circle of the ceramic piece is close and there is no gap. It has become one of the most widely used wear-resistant materials, with a market share of about 80% of the world's special ceramics (wear-resistant materials). This combined sensor is not only necessary for the production of large diameter pipe elbow push system, but also very effective for the production of stainless steel elbow. The import price of Elbow push system is now falling, which has become the "burden" of enterprises'own Elbow push system. Corrosion test data show that the service life of stainless steel elbow can reach 100 years, and stainless steel elbow hardly needs maintenance. Therefore, its cost-effective, low operating cost and remarkable economic benefits. Compared with the "cross cutting" type of multiple seams, the welding seam is less important, and there is no corrosion of the front seam, and the subsequent flushing, the corrosion situation is better.


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