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Some Problems That Can Not Be Ignored When Using Carbon Steel Flanges in Pipes

fittingflange | 12 October, 2018 16:16

Carbon steel flange in the pipeline when there are many problems need special attention, can not be ignored. If the pipe is very wet, we must pay attention to, because too humid environment may lead to carbon steel flange rust phenomenon, will greatly reduce the performance of carbon steel flange, can not reach the normal use effect. Carbon steel flange in pipe fittings in the use of the following considerations include the following aspects, first of all, we do not put carbon steel flange in a humid place, because carbon steel and water will rust for a long time, the surface will be changed, mechanical properties will be changed accordingly, which gives us the use of trouble, so we want to Try to avoid, and then we pay attention not to use hard things to impact the carbon steel flange itself, so that the surface of the carbon steel flange out of the scars, if serious damage to the sealing surface will make the future seal is not very strong. Carbon steel flanges are used in Building valves of cathodic protection pipeline networks and buried pipe valve wells requiring potential segregation. The cathodic protection situation of the buried pipeline network can be clearly grasped by segmented (area) isolation; the cathodic protection segmented (area) can be evaluated and processed according to different cathodic protection conditions; when the protection potential of the adjacent patches (area) is the same (or similar) and meets the protection potential requirements. The two sides of the insulating carbon steel flange can be connected by spans for unified protection; when the protective potential of adjacent sheets (zones) differs greatly and the sheets (zones) can not meet the requirements of the protective potential, the sheets (zones) that can not meet the requirements of the protective potential can be specially treated until they meet the requirements, and then the sheets can be connected to run. Carbon steel flange in the pipeline use process must pay attention to the above problems, so that not only can achieve the normal practical effect, but also to avoid shortening its service life.


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