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Forming Characteristics of Flange Parts

fittingflange | 03 August, 2018 10:16

In order to avoid the flange type axisymmetric parts cracking in extrusion and improving the forming limit, the traditional hot extrusion process is considered, and the radial local loading is provided to change the stress state in the process of stainless steel flange deformation and improve the plastic deformation ability. In the actual forming, the side slider is mainly used to contact the blank, and the radial loading is provided by connecting the hydraulic transmission device with the side slider. In the process of blank extrusion by punch, the blank is subjected to radial pressure at the same time. Under the condition of lateral pressure holding, the plastic deformation of carbon steel flange zone is increased. The most important thing for stainless steel is to keep its surface clean. Once it has been corroded, the surface of the stainless steel will change its appearance, not so clean. So those that have the ability to corrode stainless steel must be kept away from production. Whether acidic or alkaline gas or liquid, keep away from the production environment.


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