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Precautions for Flange Purchase

fittingflange | 19 July, 2018 11:28

Flange is the benchmark for determining the nominal pressure level of pipelines. According to the previous introduction, there are many kinds of carbon steel flanges . Different types of stainless steel flange have different sealing performance and are suitable for different occasions. Here we discuss only how to choose different types of flanges for reference only. A. Flange type The structure type pipe flange is divided into six basic types according to the connection with the pipe: flat welding, butt welding, socket welding, loosening sleeve, threaded flange and whole flange. The sealing face type flange sealing surface has five kinds: full plane, convex surface, concave convex surface, tenon groove surface, circular groove surface and so on. Flanges code Different standards of flange sealing surface and type of name, code name slightly different. See table 6-1 and table 6-2. Table 6-1 seal face name and code comparison table Serial number SH 3406-96 HG20592 to 20635-97 JB/T74 to 90-94 1 Full plane (FF) full plane (FF) plane (FF) 2 Convex surface (RF) raised surface (RF) convex surface (RF) 3 Concave convex surface (MF) concave convex surface (MFM) concave convex surface concave convex surface (MF) 4 Tenon groove face (TG) tenon groove surface (TG) tenon groove face groove (TG) 5 Tenon groove face (TG) ring connection surface (RJ) ring connection face ring connection surface (RJ)


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