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Production Technology of Alloy Steel Flange

fittingflange | 13 December, 2018 16:25

Before the production of aluminium alloy steel flange , according to the size of the drawings, a rigorous and meticulous calculation and analysis were carried out to obtain the corresponding theoretical weight of the flange. Finally, the following technological route was adopted: cutting - - - electric furnace heating - - - forging - - - melting - - - forming - - - lathe processing - - - finished products. 1. Casting is the first process in the production of aluminium pipe fittings . A. Ingredients: According to the specific alloy grades produced according to the needs, the amount of additions of various alloy components can be calculated, and various raw materials can be rationally matched. B. Melting: The raw materials are added to the smelting furnace to melt according to the technological requirements, and the impurities and gases in the melt are effectively removed by means of degassing and slag removal refining. C. Zirconium casting: The melted liquid aluminium is cooled and cast into round rods of various specifications under certain casting conditions through deep well casting system. 2. Extrusion: Extrusion is the means of forming profiles. First, the die is designed and manufactured according to the section of profiles. The heated round casting rod is extruded from the die by extrusion. 3. Coloring. A. Surface pretreatment: Clean the profile surface by chemical or physical methods, expose the pure matrix, in order to obtain a complete and compact artificial oxide film. Mirror or matte surfaces can also be obtained by mechanical means. B. Anodic oxidation: A dense, porous and strong adsorptive layer of AL203 film is formed on the surface of the profile after surface pretreatment under certain technological conditions. C. Sealing: The pore of porous oxide film formed after anodic oxidation is sealed to enhance the anti-pollution, anti-corrosion and wear resistance of the oxide film. The oxide film is colorless and transparent. It can absorb and deposit some metal salts in the pore of the film by using the strong adsorption of the oxide film before sealing. Many colors other than the true color can be displayed on the surface of the profile.

Different Parts Can Play an Important Role

fittingflange | 11 December, 2018 13:34

In the production process of our various mechanical products, various parts can also play a very important role. Flange, as a connecting part between pipe and pipe, and valve, can always bring us a very considerable connection effect. It connects nuts through the holes on it, and then adds them. The use of upper gasket guarantees the closeness of the connection to the greatest extent, and also brings us convenient operation mode. The flange manufacturer, through the distinction of different materials, as well as providing comprehensive, meets the use requirements of our new type of pipe fittings and equipment market. Our customers should pay attention to that carbon steel flange can play an important role in our pipeline connection process. At the same time, the connection way it can create for us has also been recognized by each of our users and friends. The product types he brings to us are divided into different material types, and also have a life. According to the division of production process, high pressure flange has super high specification requirements for pipeline pressure. As long as we can ensure its quality, we can obtain convenient use conditions, reduce the occurrence of the whole product failure, and increase the utilization rate of our products. For welding flange, when we connect, we must have a clear understanding of the welding technology we have mastered. Only in this way can we make the whole product play its most dynamic effect and bring us a more common way of use. These are all the things that we all need to pay attention to. Good product quality assurance can create more space for us to use, can let us each user's needs, get the best supply, in addition, we have to do a good job of maintenance and maintenance, reduce leakage and leakage.

What Are The Factors Affecting The Performance of Large Flanges

fittingflange | 07 December, 2018 16:27

In the production of large flanges, there are many factors affecting the performance of large flanges. Let's talk about the following common factors: first, annealing temperature (annealing temperature is the temperature parameter when primers and templates are combined, and when 50% of primers and complementary sequences are double-stranded DNA molecules, it is the temperature that affects the specificity of PCR. Factors. Ideally, the annealing temperature is low enough to ensure the effective annealing of primers with the same target sequence, and high enough to reduce non-specific binding. Reasonable annealing temperature ranges from 55 to 70 C. The annealing temperature is generally set to be 5 C lower than the Tm of the primer. Whether the required temperature is reached or not. Large stainless steel flange is usually treated by solid solution heat treatment, which is commonly known as "annealing", the temperature range is 1040 ~ 1120 ("Japanese standard"). You can also observe through the annealing furnace observation hole that the large flanged pipes in the annealing zone should be incandescent, but there is no softening sag. Second, the sealability of the furnace body (the shell is welded by steel plate and section steel, the trolley is welded by section steel and steel plate, and the trolley reduces the heat radiation and convection loss by soft contact with the lining and sand sealing mechanism, thus effectively ensuring the sealability of the furnace body). Bright annealing furnace should be closed, isolated from the outside air; hydrogen as protective gas, only one exhaust port is open (used to ignite the exhaust hydrogen). Soap water can be used to smear the cracks in each joint of the annealing furnace to see if it runs out. The most easily runs out is the place where the annealing furnace enters and leaves the tube. The sealing rings in this place are particularly easy to wear and tear, so it is necessary to check and replace them frequently. Third, the protective pressure. In order to prevent micro-leakage, the protective gas in the furnace should maintain a certain positive pressure. If it is hydrogen protective gas, the general requirement is more than 20 kBar. Annealing atmosphere: Pure hydrogen is generally used as annealing atmosphere. The purity of the atmosphere is better than 99.99%. If the other part of the atmosphere is inert gas, the purity can also be lower, but absolutely can not contain excessive oxygen and water vapor.

Flange Connections Are Simpler

fittingflange | 21 November, 2018 14:52

As long as we understand the current industry, people will find that in such an industry, we still need to use some related equipment, including the connection between the axis and the axis, but how to complete such a connection, we need to use it at this time. Such parts as alloy steel flanges , so that the connection between the pipe ends can be well realized. It can be said that now such parts can be well used for the connection between some pipe ends, or for the connection between two devices, and become the connection parts that will be used in many industries. It is precisely because of the emergence of such spare parts, so now people in the connection between related equipment, but also completely do not have to worry about the connection problem. And most importantly, since the emergence of such connecting parts, there have been a variety of different parts. According to the standards of the chemical industry, it can be divided into threaded, integral flanged connecting threaded pipe fittings . According to the present machinery industry, it can be divided into related connecting fittings of plate balance. Therefore, the application of different industries, but also can be better applied in different industries, has become a large number of industries will be widely used in the connection of forged pipe fittings . For all industries now, such flange can also become an indispensable part of the industry. It is believed that after having such connection fittings, there is no need to worry about any problems in connection.

What Will Be The Shortage of Flanges for Small Manufacturers?

fittingflange | 16 November, 2018 10:29

Although the stainless steel flange is relatively simple, but users can not choose the products of small manufacturers when buying, because the products of small manufacturers will have many shortcomings in use, then what kind of shortcomings will the products of small manufacturers have in use? First of all, small manufacturers do not have specifications for their products, clearly using their own atmosphere is this model, but in the installation volume has found errors. In fact, this is precisely because small factories do not have clear standards in production and can not be integrated with international standards. In addition, the francs of small manufacturers will also have a decline in the quality of the product materials, so they do not have a very long life in use, and can not adapt to the environment of high temperature, high corrosion and so on. If you use small manufacturer's products in ordinary environment, you may be able to use them. But in special environment, users need to pay attention to it. Small manufacturer's products are difficult to adapt to, and problems often occur within a few days. In the production of France, regular manufacturers often calculate their pressure in many ways. Different products will have different requirements for their pressure, while small manufacturers usually only produce in the production. They ignore these pressures, so it is difficult for small manufacturers to bear the pressure in the use of their products. The acceptance capacity is either unsuitable for use or because of high pressure to contrast the transmission quality of the sound medium. Of course, in order to make alloy steel flanges bear better pressure, in addition to the calculation of pressure in production, it also needs better production technology. The technological strength of small manufacturers is generally not up to it, so they can not meet the pressure requirements. Maybe small manufacturers will have lower prices, but in order to use performance, we must not covet the cheap price.

Why Do Brand Flanges Have Better Use Advantages?

fittingflange | 03 November, 2018 14:58

Among all the stainless steel flange products , some are brand names, and some are three flow products. Undoubtedly, brand products will increase in price, but in the case of higher prices, there will still be a better market, precisely because it has many advantages in use, whether its use adaptability or performance have better improvement. Of course, some other manufacturers also want their products to have better performance, but because they do not have the corresponding conditions, so ultimately they are only powerless, so how does the brand make the products have the advantage of use? First of all, the brand has the corresponding strength, in order to make flange have better quality, we must speak with strength, but it has no better strength in design and production technology, and it is impossible to make carbon steel flange have better quality. Although this kind of product seems simple, there are many requirements for its strength in production. If it does not have the corresponding strength, it will not be able to improve its quality. The reason why brand products have better quality is precisely because they have better strength. In addition to strength, or because brand manufacturers attach importance to reputation, so that flanges can have better material use, and at the same time in a variety of crafts have not been able to sleep hard. On the contrary, some small manufacturers have no corresponding sense of responsibility in their production, even if they have the strength of production, it is difficult to achieve better quality in the end. Most importantly, because brand products have a better user base in the market, there will still be a better market under the high price of their products, while small manufacturers will lose the market when they raise their production standards and prices because they do not have a better market base.

Introduction of Common Connection Ways and Production Requirements of Flanges

fittingflange | 26 October, 2018 13:49

Flange plays a very important role in pipeline construction, so there are many key points to master when using flange. Especially carbon steel flange manufacturers in the production of flanges, must meet the requirements of specifications, otherwise in the use of the process of some problems, resulting in some accidents, then the loss is more tragic. Flange connection is an important connection way in pipeline construction. Flange connection is easy to use and can withstand great pressure. Flange connections are widely used in industrial pipelines. In the family, the diameter of the pipe is small, and it is low pressure, so the flange connection is not visible. If in a boiler house or production site, there are flanged pipes and equipment everywhere. Flange geometry includes outer diameter, inner diameter and wall thickness. It is also required to control the radius of curvature. For example, if the radius is 1.5D, the radius of curvature must be within the required tolerance. Because most of these flanges are used for welding, in order to improve the quality of welding, the end of the car groove, leaving a certain angle, with a certain edge, this requirement is also more stringent, edge thickness, angle and deviation range are stipulated, geometric size than the flange many items. The surface quality and mechanical properties are basically the same as those of pipes. For welding convenience, the type of steel that is connected to the pipe is the same. All stainless steel flanges are surface treated, and the oxide scale on the inner and outer surfaces is sprayed off by shot peening, and then coated with anticorrosive paint. This is not only for export needs, but also for the convenience of domestic transport to prevent corrosion and oxidation, we must do this work. Packaging requirements for small flanges, such as exports, need to be made into wooden boxes, about 1 cubic metre, stipulating that the number of elbows in such boxes can not exceed about a ton, the standard allows a package, that is, a large set of small, but the total weight generally can not exceed 1 ton. For large parts, it is necessary to have a single package, like 24 ". Another is the packaging mark. The marking is to indicate the size, steel number, batch number and manufacturer's trademark. The alloy steel flanges should be stamped with a packing list and warranty. Flange surface treatment is also an important process, this step can be very good to prevent flange in the transport process of oxidation problems.

Some Problems That Can Not Be Ignored When Using Carbon Steel Flanges in Pipes

fittingflange | 12 October, 2018 16:16

Carbon steel flange in the pipeline when there are many problems need special attention, can not be ignored. If the pipe is very wet, we must pay attention to, because too humid environment may lead to carbon steel flange rust phenomenon, will greatly reduce the performance of carbon steel flange, can not reach the normal use effect. Carbon steel flange in pipe fittings in the use of the following considerations include the following aspects, first of all, we do not put carbon steel flange in a humid place, because carbon steel and water will rust for a long time, the surface will be changed, mechanical properties will be changed accordingly, which gives us the use of trouble, so we want to Try to avoid, and then we pay attention not to use hard things to impact the carbon steel flange itself, so that the surface of the carbon steel flange out of the scars, if serious damage to the sealing surface will make the future seal is not very strong. Carbon steel flanges are used in Building valves of cathodic protection pipeline networks and buried pipe valve wells requiring potential segregation. The cathodic protection situation of the buried pipeline network can be clearly grasped by segmented (area) isolation; the cathodic protection segmented (area) can be evaluated and processed according to different cathodic protection conditions; when the protection potential of the adjacent patches (area) is the same (or similar) and meets the protection potential requirements. The two sides of the insulating carbon steel flange can be connected by spans for unified protection; when the protective potential of adjacent sheets (zones) differs greatly and the sheets (zones) can not meet the requirements of the protective potential, the sheets (zones) that can not meet the requirements of the protective potential can be specially treated until they meet the requirements, and then the sheets can be connected to run. Carbon steel flange in the pipeline use process must pay attention to the above problems, so that not only can achieve the normal practical effect, but also to avoid shortening its service life.

Characteristics of Seamless Carbon Steel Tee

fittingflange | 09 October, 2018 14:03

The carbon steel butt welded tee is usually used for the installation of the regulating valve. Concentric reducer is favorable for fluid flow, and has less interference with fluid flow when changing diameter. Seamless tee so that gas and vertical flow of liquid pipes use concentric reducer. The eccentric pipe with different diameter is flat on one side, which is conducive to exhaust or discharge, and is convenient for start-up and maintenance. Therefore, the eccentric pipe with different diameter is usually used for horizontal installation of liquid pipes. The different diameter pipe is also called the big and small head, the two ends of the pipe mouth diameter is different, used to connect different diameters of the pipe or flange for diameter change. The two ends of a concentric pipe with different diameters, the center of the circle is on the same axis. When the diameter is changed, the position of the pipe will remain unchanged if the axis is used to calculate the position of the pipe. The two ends of the eccentric reducer are cut inside the circumference of the pipe, and are generally used for horizontal liquid pipes. Butt welding tee is a steel hot-press forming or forging forming elbow, its connection form is directly butt welding tee and steel pipe . The main manufacturing standards of stainless steel butt welding tee are generally GB / T12459, GB / T13401, ASME B16.9, SH3408, SH3409, HG / T21635, HG / T21631, SY / T0510. The butt welding tee usually have equal diameter tee, different diameters three links, etc. the materials are carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel. When the content of chromium in the steel is about 1.2%, a very thin oxide film (self-passivation film) is formed on the surface of the steel by the interaction between chromium and oxygen in the corrosive medium. Seamless tee can prevent the further corrosion of the steel matrix. Besides chromium, the commonly used alloying elements are nickel, molybdenum, titanium, niobium, copper and nitrogen to meet the needs of concentric use for various purposes. Requirements for the structure and properties of different diameter pipes. A certain production and processing technology is adopted in the production of straight-sealed three-way concentric different diameter pipes to ensure that good effects and properties can be displayed in the production and processing. Weak corrosive medium such as air, steam, water, acid, alkali, salt and other chemical corrosive medium corrosion resistant steel of concentric pipe with different diameters.

What Is The Welding Procedure for Flanges?

fittingflange | 07 October, 2018 11:38

Necessary equipment and tools for manual welding equipment, a handle type corner mill, an electric pneumatic hammer, a flat ruler. Prepare to check and debug the equipment before welding to ensure the normal operation of the equipment; prepare 4.0J402 electrode to dry at 300 350 C for an hour. The assembly of the welding process assembles the vertebral body and the large flange according to the drawing requirements, and then divides the large stainless steel flange into eight equal parts on average. Because the alloy steel flange is thicker, the groove is larger, so the segmental symmetrical, multi-layer welding is adopted. The weld quality requires at least the strength of the weld metal. The surface of the weld is smooth and smooth, and has no defects such as burn through, porosity, welding leakage, slag inclusion, undercut and incomplete welding. The remaining height is less than 2mm.

Flange Manufacturers Link Way Diversification

fittingflange | 15 September, 2018 16:39

Flange manufacturers usually have flanges with different diameters at the top and bottom, generally smaller than the bottom. They can provide better pressure at a relatively fixed height, especially when they can "retract". Flange manufacturer aims to provide a near constant strain rate of flange and a solid height below a normal flange. Each flange uses a variable pitch to achieve a constant alloy steel flange rate and pipe, deflecting the course of rotation to provide a solid height equal to about two line diameters. Flange manufacturers have some uses as follows: to react to the tension of a steel wire flange by pulling the elongated end and body shapes to provide resistance and return to its tightly wound shape. This type of resistance is why flat welded flanges are used in everything from hardware curtain doors or scales to even garage doors closed. Winding: torsional flanged piping with tight or loose parallel port. They should not be tightly wound together with pipes. The initial tension of the flanged flange is not uniform, so it is difficult to test accurately. The space between 20% and 25% of the thickness of the wire is ideal. Swirl: the rotation of pipes should comply with the regulations. The flanges in the unwinding direction cause high stress and early failure. When the flange rotates, the past longitudinal axis which is the correct direction line to the flange rotation, the need to follow the angle similar to the thread bolt or screw clockwise direction or angle of the pipe, otherwise left-handed. Flat welded flanges can be manufactured to suit different loads, applications, or specific conditions by changing the pipe size, line size, or even the length of the flange. Self-designed flanges have always been problematic. Flange manufacturers can provide a lot in a fairly short turnaround time, but may not always be able to provide the customization needed to best suit your product or application. In the past many custom carbon steel flange manufacturers were small enough to make custom flanges, but were unable to provide fast turnaround or consistent quality. Small Solid Height: Butt welded flanges can be designed to fit each moving pipe into the next pipe, so the height of the solid can be equal to the thickness of one or two conductors. This is very useful, and the height of the solid is limited. Floating Rate: These flanges provide constant, uniform spacing and increase strength, speed, rather than a constant force rate (periodically compressed flange). Larger pipes gradually start to exert force at the bottom. A variable pitch can be designed, if desired, to achieve uniform speed.

International Flange Standard System

fittingflange | 04 September, 2018 15:20

There are two main international standards for pipe flanges: European flanges and pipe fitting system represented by German DIN (including the former Soviet Union) and American pipe flange system represented by American ANSI pipe flange system. In addition, there are Japanese JIS pipe flanges, but in petrochemical plants generally used only for public works, and the international impact is small. This paper briefly introduces the pipe flanges of different countries as follows: 1. European system pipe flanges 2 represented by Germany and the former Soviet Union, American system pipe flanges 3 represented by ANSI B16.5 and ANSI B 16.47, and British and French pipe flanges 2, respectively. To sum up, the international standard of pipe flange can be summarized as two different and non-interchangeable stainless steel flange systems: one is the European pipe flange system represented by Germany, the other is the American pipe flange system represented by the United States. IOS7005-1 is a standard promulgated by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 1992. The standard is actually a pipe flange standard which combines two sets of pipe flanges from the United States and Germany.

Future Trend of High Pressure Fittings

fittingflange | 31 August, 2018 13:58

Future Trend of High Pressure Pipe Fitting Stamping elbow has the characteristics of hygiene, processing, high temperature resistance and anti-ultraviolet radiation. It is a new material with high added value. The stamping stainless steel butt welded elbow pipe has the advantages of smooth inner wall, small heat medium flow resistance, acid and alkali resistance, long service life and easy installation. The heat conductivity of stamping elbow used in floor heating requires good heat conductivity, low temperature heat shock resistance and low temperature impact resistance. During winter construction, the pipe is not easy to be impacted and ruptured, which increases the flexibility of construction arrangements and environmental protection can be recycled, without polluting the environment. However, it will cause secondary pollution if it can not be recovered, and there are problems such as controlling crosslinking degree and crosslinking uniformity, etc. The processing is complex and directly affects the performance of the pipe. Stamping elbow has long-term compressive performance in performance, only from the design stress, stamping elbow compressive performance is the best. However, due to various factors, the actual wall thickness of the floor heating pipe is usually 2mm. Under this wall thickness, all kinds of pipes can meet the requirements of floor heating. Pressure resistance advantage of punched carbon steel butt welded elbow pipe can not be reflected. Modern pipe features: LTHS advantages; can withstand strong impact advantages; smooth surface; semi-permanent service life (China and Korea certification service life of 100 years); outstanding flexibility at high temperature and low temperature; hot fusion and renewable use; when used as tap water pipeline can meet sanitary requirements: environmental protection The high-pressure fittings plant has stabilized since the dangerous months before, reversing losses at the compressor plant after a period of layoffs and stock of fittings. After a period of operation, the factory absolutely matched the workers and implemented the system of competition. Rumors of disadvantage to factories have also been circulated during the preceding panic-stricken transitional period, and the military will have to be stabilized to avoid unnecessary trouble. With training to improve the skills and quality of the entire factory staff, lay a good foundation for the future.

Matters Needing Attention for Elbow Manufacturers to Make Alloy Elbow

fittingflange | 29 August, 2018 17:34

Stainless steel elbow manufacturers in the production of alloy elbows to understand the impact of the advance rate on the number of elbow shape: the advance rate as an important process parameter, indirectly controlled by hydraulic system flow conditioning. The rate of advance is fast and production rate is improved, but the thinning rate of wall thickness is increased. In the discussion section of double clamping, the sealing ring will not be affected when the pipe is bended and deformed by external force. The advanced products of the function, goal and degree of skill of alloy elbow pipe fittings clamping connection are introduced. Set up machine protection installation to avoid injury to hands. The smaller the ratio of elbow wall thickness to section diameter D is, the better the bonding function of the die is, but the more casual the inner arc of the elbow is, the more unstable and wrinkled it is. The usual allowance is elbow to 10% to 20% of wall thickness. According to the characteristics of metal volume stability during plastic deformation, wall thickness stability (actual slight thinning), elbow outer arc length and tube blank length equal. Influence of raw material, wall thickness and outer diameter of blank for pushing elbow on the shape of pushing elbow The technological parameters of how many shapes of pushing elbow are as follows: the raw material of pushing blank, the raw material of mandrel head, the wall thickness and outer diameter and shape, the heating temperature and its dispersion and pushing speed. The certain principle of the advance rate is that the principal compressive stress of the inner wall of the elbow is less than the compliance limit of the material at this temperature, and the elongation of the outer wall of the elbow is less than the maximum elongation of the material at this temperature. Considering the safety and service life of alloy steel elbows, the key points should be put on improving the resistance, impact resistance and wear resistance of pipeline lining, so that carbon steel butt welded elbows can be used in power, mining, metallurgy and other occupations, and the transportation, import and use of materials. Considerable pressure can be suffered in short distance and low pressure transportation. The heat transfer coefficient, permeability and intermediate frequency power of the material are large, and the propulsion rate is fast.

Spinning Process of Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings

fittingflange | 25 August, 2018 15:39

With the development of spinning technology, spinning process has gradually replaced traditional process to produce stainless steel forged pipe fitting . Western developed countries have adopted technical blockade on China's technology. Therefore, our research goal is to achieve the ultimate reduction of stainless steel pipe spinning, stainless steel pipe diameter increased to 800mm. And the development of the corresponding specifications of the strong spinning equipment, the realization of large diameter stainless steel pipe production technology localization. Stainless steel pipe fitting are mainly used in aerospace and ordnance industries. One of the most important advantages of metal spinning process is that it can make integral seamless rotary hollow parts, which eliminates the defects of discontinuity, strength reduction, brittle cracking and tensile stress concentration related to welds. Based on the above force parameters, the structure of the powerful spinning machine is designed. The structure of the spinning wheel seat of the spinning machine is compared and the final scheme is determined. The axial feed system and the radial feed system are designed. The kinematics analysis of the transmission parts of the spindle structure is carried out. The newly designed unloading device is introduced in detail.
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